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36′ home built without any formal plans

 Buildt a Shady Side Bateau from Memory. This waterman from Shady Side, MD built his 36 ’ Bateau in 2009,  “Emmaline“, from scratch and without any plans. His turning over story on this boat in his garage.


The largest Yacht at the Show…

…Was a 80 foot Trumpy made in Annapolis, MD in 1947. Privately owned and not chartered, she cruises the West coast of FL in the winter, the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay in early summer, and then with several runs up to and around the water of New England later in the year. She is a family “cruiser”, and does a lot of cruising.

While the crew does much of the maintenance, Moore Marine out of Rivera Beach, FL.did some below deck accommodation changes a few years back to make her a better fit the yacht to her owners.

Owned by a practicing attorney and his wife in D C, who spent most of his youth growing up in Baltimore, she a user yacht that is also a yacht at home as the center piece of a classic boat show.

Similar sized perfect pieces of the history of Annapolis and boating charter out for $25,000 per week plus crew, meals, and food costs.

Note, inconsideration of the owners’ privacy, seabuddy choose to edit out the owners names and information when blogging about such a treasure.

Sorry for the photo quality, she passed my photo boat to port and seabuddy was forced to shoot into the sunset.

Winner, Most Original – ACBS at the classic boat show

This 1968 Matthews Cruiser won the category trophy for “Most Original- ACBS” in the Chesapeake Bay Chapter-ACBS Boat Festival at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, MD.

Matthews Yachts were wood boats from 1890 to 1968-1969. They were yachts with fiberglass hulls made in England (Halmatic brand) and fitted out in the USA by Matthews Yachts in Port Clinton, Ohio from 1969 till the business closed in 1975. Matthews Yachts had been in Port Clinton since 1906. The Port Clinton property never did make boats / yachts again.

Famous Matthews boats / yachts over the years was  a gas engine (16 Hp) powered 35’ that set a world record for a small, gas powered boat for crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 1911-1912.

The Matthews Company built a 50’ boat for the Ringling Bros. family to use in Sarasota, FL in 1912.

By 1913, Matthews built a 110’ yacht from the design board of famous yacht designer John Wells. This diesel powered yacht was the largest yacht ever built by Matthews.

During and between the world wars, they built airplane parts, meat cutters, 110’ sub chasers, and a custom yacht or two.

They went from custom, one-off yachts to production power boats in 46’ and 32’ sizes. They also offered a sail boat.

Around 1951 the Yacht builder did a wildly successful 42’ double cabin that started a boat style and accommodations trend.

Next the 45’ wood boat  was the standard bearer for the Matthews Company and it was the model for the 46’ fiberglass boats. The company did a 56’ themselves in several styles, but the sales order book did not respond.


Best of Show – Outboard – Grady-White wins the Award

Boat owner, Dave, as it turned out did not make it to the 23 rd Annual Antique and Classic 11 acres of Classic boats and other Festival events.  His boat, towed behind George Hazard’s business wagon, did, however. The Result? A Best Outboard Boat Classic Boat Show Trophy at Sunday’s Awards Lunch, June 20, 2010 in St.Michaels, MD.

She is a 1967 Pamlico model Grady-White outboard that shows that ever detail and high level of finish is a part of this classic craft.

Seabuddy understands that a Pamlico was a 16’ 5” long boat with a beam of 6’ 3” and a boat weight of around 740 lbs.

I have always admired George’s finishing work, but this one sure stands out in my book.

Evinrude, Johnson, and the OMC V-8 engine jet drive

In 1972 these companies introduced high powered water jet drives to boat buyers using a 307 cu. in. V-8 Chevy marine engine for 245 Hp (using a 4,200 – 4,600 rpm range) in a water jet sterndrive drive. This package had a 290 Hp upgrade option in 1975. By 1976, with poor sales and Wankel Rotary  engines taking center stage, OMC quietly dropped offering water jet drives to boat builders via their Stern drive division.

Think 1970s era Chevrolet Chevelle cars when the 307 V-8 comes to mind. 307s have small valves, tight heads, and lots of Hi-Po potential but still are not a 350 Chevy V-8.

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Chaparral Boats and Boat Builders


seabuddy takes some of these important message points as true.

…This may be the most important message you will read before buying a new boat: Count on the strength and stamina of Chaparral Boats. In today’s fast changing economic times, the name on the hullside is as important as the boat itself. The fact is you’re not just buying a boat, you’re buying a company. There’s power in the name Chaparral. Long lasting power. Innovative power. Our story started 44 years ago. A trophy case full of awards for Product Excellence and a globe full of satisfied customers prove our worth. And we’re not going anywhere but fast forward with a passion that grows year after year. Respected the world over, the same core management team has steered the ship since day one. Like you, they are onboard because boating isn’t just a business, it’s a way of life. Our balance sheet is strong, our dedication to new product development unwaivering. You simply can’t buy more confidence in a boat company than Chaparral. Chaparral for 2010…Strength And Stamina Now and For the Future….

“Respected the world over, the same core management team has steered the ship since day one. Like you, they are onboard because boating isn’t just a business, it’s a way of life. Our balance sheet is strong, our dedication to new product development unwaivering”

True words. 

Ask if your boat builder can say these same words.

Competitor’s Choice – Race Boat, Lauderbach 7 litre Hydroplane race boat

Award Winning Record setting Hydroplane

Lauderbach Custom Boats has built race boats in the mid-Atlantic region for many years. This is a National Champion, prop-riding, three point, 7 litre Class hydroplane that won the Award at the 23 rd Annual Antique and Classic Boat Festival over Father’s Day weekend in St. Michaels, MD.

John and Sandi (members of the Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS) won the top Race Boat Award at the 11 acre  classic boat and other festival events of the classic boat festival that the club has given at no charge to the Mid – Atlantic region over Father’s Day Weekend in June, 2010.

She is shown on a tilting trailer that allows her 10’ beam to become a “no-permit required” trailer boat package. The 2,000 lb. boat with its 426 cu. In. Chrysler Hemi supercharged 1,200 Hp. engine is 22’ long.

Race boat driver, John, along with other drivers, have a wining racing record in this boat. This race boat was the High Point Champion in 1964, 1965, and 1965. She was also the National Champion in 1965 and 1966. She set a World Kilo Record of 151.403 mph as well as a around the 1 2/3 mile race course record of 93.072 mph. This boat is now retired from 7 litre Class racing.

Hgh Point Champion 1964, 1965, 1966

More on Lauterbach Custom Boats…The Lauterbach family began building hydroplanes in Henry Lauterbach’s first shop in Portsmouth, Virginia shop over 50 years ago. Through the years, there have been several Lauterbach shops but one thing has always remained the same: the demand for the highest quality in every aspect of hydroplane design and construction. Today, Lauterbach Custom Boats is located on Maryland’s beautiful Eastern Shore. In this state of the art facility, the same great Lauterbach designs are utilized for today’s new boats and restorations. The flawless attention to detail is visible in every boat that comes out of the Lauterbach shop. New hydroplanes are produced for use in active racing…From the Lauterbach Custom Boats website.