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1958 Century Coronado with the factory Hard Top

another photo of the sliding hard top

1958 Century Coronado with factory Hard Top

This is the boat that was and is still famous for being able to deep-water start 12 water skiers at one time.

It is often mentioned as it was the fastest production boat during the time it was built.

I am sure that fans of the Chris Craft Cobra 21 models powered with the hot-rodded Cadillac engine option would want to challenge that statement.

Certainly, almost all knowledgeable classic boat owners will say that the Century at high speed far out-handles the Chris Craft Cobra while giving the man behind the wheel more of a sense of confidence.

At the same time, those same people will pay a far higher price for a Cobra boat for sale than the Century Coronado boat for sale.

underside view from the boat's cockpit

The Coronado was introduced as a one of the first 1955 models from any boat builder. The styling was very different and caught the fancy of boaters that lusted after a luxury boat to use on the lakes of the world.  It was said to be the most successful and impressive luxury boat ever.

Regular engine choices offered speeds to boat owners of up to 50-55 mph when all the other production boat builders only set up their offerings to go 40-45 mph.. The Coronado was introduced in the summer of 1954, as a 1955 model. It was the most successful and impressive luxury boat ever. It not only had style but also offered impressive speeds reaching in excess 55 mph with stock engines.

1,743 wood boat units were built by Century in a 14 year model run. A record for what is a top shelf boat offering. About 1,000 more boats were later built using fiberglass. The fiberglass Coronado is a very close clone of the wood Coronado, but not an exact copy.

Hey, Elvis Presley owned a Century Coronado, as did Robert F. Kennedy, the Shaw of Iran, and Liberace did also with his having a special trim treatment, plus TV’s Dr. Spock was an owner of a Century Coronado.

In another posting, seabuddy / chris brown blogged about a model of the boat shown in these photos. Look between the two and see how close the model matches up to the real boat, if you want. I expect the model and the boat to be at the Antique and Classic Boat Festival in St. Michaels this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 18-20.

nice, comfortable seating with walk around cockpit space

engine cover box


Like a 1950's Car interior

blueprints, woodwork, metalwork, upholstery, graphics, painting and finishing

In the boat modeler’s own words…We make scratch-built miniature replicas of boats ranging from elegantly simple line models to those of exquisite detail. We create all of our models from start to finish, including research, blueprints, woodwork, metalwork, upholstery, rigging, graphics, painting and finishing. When appropriate, we also take our own lines directly from subject boats. We do not use kits, or parts from any other sources. We can style your model in a variety of ways to suit your tastes; at any size or scale. We take great pride in the quality of every boat that we make and every one carries a serial number and our signatures. Other services that we provide include Display cases and accessories, restoration, line drawings and renderings, conversion of “paper” mechanical drawings to CAD, custom decal and parts making and other related activities.

John has over 40 years of modeling experience and we can make a replica of any boat provided that there is sufficient information available or we can have direct access to it. In fact, we are specialists in making models of boats that have never been modeled before. Having made over 250 models, we have significant experience with Antique & Classic boats, Workboats (from rowboats to lightships), Pleasure craft and Historical craft. We have researched myriad vessel histories and have developed a significant database, a library of a variety of maritime information, as well as contacts with other experts in the field.

Model making, properly done, takes time and patience. Every model, as with every boat, is different and will require different types and levels of work. We are fortunate to have a number of commissions in the works at all times. Please bear in mind that to produce the highest quality of model for you, unless it is one of the boats that we have made for shows, there will probably be a time factor. For short term circumstances we have presentation quality certificates available.

1954? Or 2011? Aristo Craft Outboard boat flying

Here is one of seabuddy’s favorite boat photos. It’s a couple having the time of their life in a boat on the water. It’s a thrill, it’s a treat, its getting in touch with life; all wrapped up in one snapshot.

Boating takes people down many paths and all those choices are fine with chris brown / seabuddy. Having fun on the water and with boats reduces my stress and makes me reflect back to my teen years where my boat was my way of going from adolescence to an early-age adult. I got the freedom to explore what life is about via my boat, not with a car. The car time was for young men growing up in NJ was 17 years and older.

I passed my first Coast Guard Auxiliary exam at age 10 (in Toms River, NJ). I had been boating since age 7 starting with a hand-me-down rowboat that my uncle gave. “Paint it, caulk it, and its yours”, his words to me. That started this passion for boating that  still going strong at age 61.

My wife openly calls boating “my mistress” and she accepts that in me as her husband.

Aristo craft boat flying a wake for the thrill of it

She is an Aristo Craft, about a 1954 model year with a Mercury outboard all up in the air because the helmsman has just used a wake crossing to “catch some air time”. These boats are a business for a Grandson and Son of the founder of the a  started in 1945 as a post WW II.boat building business.  His Dad, as I understand it, switched out of wood boats to only making fiberglass runabout boats in 1960. AristoCraftboats, remember that name. AristoCraftboats.

Does this photo get your juices going, too? Want to know more about this type of boating, and what are your choices: self or professional restoring, commissioning a new one, just like the an original one? Boat trim parts? Old outboard motors? Windshield parts? Contact here.

The original family boat builders

Pre-teens and early teens Classic Boat Event

Sign-up NOW for this one.

It always fills up and some kids get disappointed. First kids signed-up get in without any hassle. Call Diana Shotwell at 1-570-759-3259 or to get your family’s spot reserved right away.


When and Where is it?

It’s on Saturday, June 19, 2010 in St. Michaels, MD at the 23 rd Annual Antique and Classic Boat Festival hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the ACBS that takes up 11 acres on the grounds at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum to show the all the classic boats and the other events of the the Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS Festival.

What is it?

Six different classic boats will be judged by the youth judges on Horn, Interior, Paint, Boat Name, and the Engine.  

What else?

The youth judges will receive an official cap, a youth judging T-shirt, and the their judge’s badge.

They judge a winner, and they will the help present their winning Judges  Award  to the winner classic boat and family owners at the Boat Show Awards  picnic.

Who made this happen?

Diana Shotwell, from the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the ACBS, did. She got the club to agree to present this program, then got Hagerty Insurance and Antique Boat America to sponsor it. Diana runs this program and has taken out-of-state-training to make it run smoothly. This is the second year that Diana has run this program in addition to all the other kid’s events she has chaired for us on the Chesapeake Bay.

Seabuddy / chris brown says, three Cheers for Diana!

Did I say it was a FREE program? Well, its Free.

Thank Diana, Hagerty Insurance, Antique Boats America, and the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the ACBS, when you run into them. Lst them know that you are glad that they are helping our kids getting  involved in boating.

Two Bedrooms and one bath condo; that goes forever at 7 mph, or about 175 miles at 17 mph

Your choice;Chairs or a settee for seating in the main salon

Are these full tank of diesel fuel ranges hard and fast? No. Could one reasonably expect such performance numbers to better understand if this yacht is for you? Yes.

Mainship Yachts kept the same hull as their 34, added on a few inches in the bow pulpit to make for a longer LOA, pushed some things around to get in a nice second stateroom inside and it’s the new and very nicely appointed 2011 model year Mainship Trawler 35.

Never get to stuck on the numbers here with this “35” yacht has an LOA of 39’ 5”, a beam of 14’ 2”,  a somewhat light weight of 20,000 lbs.  Single diesel (or two), bow and stern thrusters (or not, with the twin diesel engines), and flying bridge seating for five plus a bar-b-que and sink, etc make for a tippy motion at sea, but a fine spot to relax after a days run once you are on the hook.

master stateroom at the bow

The 34 had just one stateroom, sold well, and I predict that this one, with the two private stateroom will set sales records. Price…about $300 to $400 thousand depending on how one finishes this yacht out.

Oh, BTW, if you like slow and great fuel economy, get the smallest engine they offer. She will cruise slow on less than 150 Hp, the rest of the power is for “beat ahead of a storm” or a “good purchase against a running tide”, etc. The thrusters will take care of any marina  handling issues.

Main salon looking foward, look for the galley cook top


Riva modern wood and glass real Runabout from Riva Yachts

layout cutaway for the Riva runabout

looking down

She goes as fast as the mid-40s with her twin diesels all the way wide open. At almost 6 tons she is a BIG wood and glass runabout. And, with her beam at 9’ 2” she needs a permit to haul her around on land.

Watch the ride when it gets rough, her deadrise is only a moderate v hull shape.

Made in Italy and sold mostly at Marine Max boat dealers. Yes, they usually have one Riva runabout boat for sale.

at speed

Riva yacht class

Wood and glass make for a nice day boat yacht

the skipper and the admiral

Boaters Coffee Shop in St. Michaels, Maryland

Its all of the White House

First, do not miss out on the brownies.

That said, this one is good coffee and right up the street from the biggest marina in town. Short walk from your boat slip. Go to St. Michaels Talbot Street., turn left, it is on the far side from you of the Talbot street. (the main street for St. Michaels). Across from Ava’s lunch, dinner, pizza, win bar, with its the lively social, friendly atmosphere of the town of St. Michaels.

Coming by land to St. Michaels?  On the driver’s side of the Talbot Street as one comes into downtown. 402 South Talbot Street.

There is a front sitting room and a huge back setting room with nice art, comfy couches, chairs, and an opportunity to get off the boat and plan your exploration of the Town of St. Michaels.

Coffee? Yup, just like all the other places. It tastes right to seabuddy / chris brown.

Why here? 1)  Close to the marina. 2) The spacious and relaxing area to rest and savor your drink. 3) the friendly  and helpful staff 4) did seabuddy say something about the brownies? 5) Wi Fi is free.

St.  Michaels Perk Coffee House, 402 Talbot Street, 410-745-8099, tell them seabuddy recommended them to you.

Amusement Park Wood Runabout Ride Boat

real wood, real varnish finish

outboard motor mounted inboard, inside the fordeck

note the yellow tinted stripesbetween planks

she is all of 8 feet long

Fact sheet

She is a real planked mahogany runabout in miniature. An outboard motor mounted inside the hull provides her power. She has single planked hull sides and bottom. Made in a small run back in 1931, she let the kids ride in a mahogany wood runabout just likeDad’s.  Only eight feet long, she got the “look” down very well for a reduced sized craft.

Dads and antique and classic boats just go together, is seabuddy / chris brown’s observation.

17’ Grady White Wood boat 1967

Nice "after" restoration Photo

She won an award in a Antique and Classic Boat Festival in St. Michaels, MD. For the restoration of what would be called a “bone yard” boat that most would just cut up, rather than save, rebuild, restore, and give another boating life to.

New structural wood was mixed in with the still good wood. She got careful time and attention to all the “next” steps. Note the finish on the stained /varnished wood and the painted hull sides. Wooden Boat Restoration is noted along the eastern half of the US for their ability to deliver any level of finish that one wants for a wood boat.

Their secret?  Years of knowledge, study, and a paint booth that Chip Foose of automotive TV fame would die for.

the Interior is highly varnished to furniture grade finish

Note that Helene Breza, woodwright, (pictured) was very involved in this boat.

Pride in her work

Wooden Boat Restoration is a small, hands on, firm that does very nice work in a large shop in the eastern shore of Maryland. Need something done? Give them a call. Shop 410-928-5501, cell 610-247-8053 or on the web…

These photos are from that website and other Wooden Boat Restoration projects are shown there also. George likes his customers to get progress photos of their wood boat as work is done on it.

"before" the restoration photo

"before the wood boat restoration

"during" wood boat restoration

Modern power comes to a Wood yacht

Master stateroom, note the light with a wood interior finish

This boat has the latest joy stick handling choice and the efficient Volvo Penta IPS pod drive system. With smaller than normal engines for good fuel economy, she makes her speed with the IPS pod drive as a straight shaft inboard of higher Hp would.

So, its… 1) easy marina maneuvering, 2) same cruising and top speeds, and 3) better fuel economy underway comes with this top-of-the-line Yacht. And the IPS diesels and drives take up less space within the hull, so another room is added, to top off the benefits of an Volvo Penta IPS drive system.

wide side decks plus this saloon

How about the hull? She is wood and resin instead of glassfiber and resin. In this case, epoxy resin. A fiberglass boat is made up of layers of glassfiber cloth combined with resin, this one is made up of wood combined with epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is both expensive and extra strong. On a budget-be-damned yacht, where strength and light weight are valued higher than the budget, epoxy is the resin of choice. Epoxy resin is used in either wood or glass fiber yacht construction.

The interior is also finished in wood, often in either a gloss white paint finish, or stained and finished with rubbed-effect varnish.

This hull splits the sea

She has three staterooms, one with a head in suite, plus a shared head for the other four people in the remaining two staterooms. Its a galley down, with and inside steering in the main saloon set-up. LOA 59’ 6”, Beam 16’ 7”, Price, just over 2 million. She is listed as a boat for sale / yacht for sale on Boat Trader.

at speed at sea