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2012 Cobalt 242 bow rider test results

2012 bow rider runabout stern drive 242 Cobalt

A good ride comes standard with a 2012 Cobalt 242 bow rider

Here is a top shelf fiberglass bow rider that goes right at 47-50 MPH with a 305 cubic inch 5.0, breaks 50 MPH with a 350 cubic inch 5.7 and gets another 7 to 8 MPH on top of those numbers with a big block Mercruiser and its Mercury Marine I/O. All these power choices use a Chevy block as a base starting point for the gas engine.

The Mercury Marine Bravo Three drive with two props on one drive shaft is popular as is the similar Volvo – Penta Duo-Prop outdrive. Hole shot or 0 to 30 MPH acceleration times in the seven to eight second range indicates how well the hull and power packages are matched up. By the way, the best fuel economy is in the 22 MPH to 30 MPH cruising speed range.

She is a very well detailed luxury runabout with seating in the bow featuring a special foot well space, good hand rail positioning, comfortable seating, all within a deep, secure cockpit. A Cobalt designed boat really focuses on cockpit space, especially its interior width. High spec materials in a good hefty weight and well attached is all over and under a Cobalt boat. Quality, thoughtful touches, and cockpit comfort with room comes with a Cobalt boat as standard equipment. Cobalt’s warrantee coverage on this 242 bow rider boat is outstanding. Just check all the parts, items, events, and systems that are covered.

Another nice thing with a Cobalt is that one needs only to add 7-8% to the base price for a well equipped boat. A loaded boat takes more than that, but careful selection of the needed options keeps the add-ons down.

Cobalt Boats 2012 bow rider wide interior cockpit boat photo

Finely detailed luxury inside a 242 Cobalt 2012 cockpit

private head compartment in a 2012 cobalt 242 model boat photo

tall inside the private head compartment of 242 Cobalt 2012 boat

50 MPH plus Bow Rider with Mercruiser

boat photo of bow rider boat

low profile optional windshield is shown in this boat photo

Regal Marine for 2012 has a lock on stylish under 20 LOA bow riders with their 1900 model that measures 19’ 10”. Take a look at the sculpted fiberglass hull sides. The windshield choices. The engine choices. The standard equipment, much of which is designed in from the get-go.

Here is a boat with a very deep vee that super softens the chop and stays in control in tight turns. It is a performance boat. The only negative to a deep vee in this size boat is bow rise on initial take-off but the helm seat design and location fixes that.

She goes 50 MPH plus with the middle engine choice, a 220 Horsepower Mercruiser MPI engine and out drive package. You can go even faster with the 270 Horsepower Volvo option.

So it is excellent speed with a reasonable engine package, peppy turning ability, high style hull and cockpit features, and a lot of storage in a nice tight high value package with the 2012 Regal Bow Rider.

One thing that seabuddy must point out is the size of the standard swim platform and access from out of the water to inside the cockpit design feature that this Regal offers. Even at a boat show, drop the swim ladder and try this out for yourself, it is that good.

Finally, this boat has a generous 8’ 3” beam for its length that is wider than most. That gives extra room to move around inside the cockpit. Once in the cockpit, check out the removable ice chest under the rear seat. Regal spent more time and attention in designing this boat than other boat builders do and this feature shows one of the resulting benefits of that extra thinking to a boater and his family.

jump seat in walk way to swim platform

extra seat along the rear of the cockpit

oversize swim platform Regal bow rider

This is one big swim platform plus standard full height windshield here

Cobalt boats A series 28’ big block Mercruiser

2012 cobalt boat

bow rider fiberglass inboard outboard boat photo image

bow rider fiberglass inboard outboard boat photo image

She is a runabout, water sports craft, day cruiser, wakeboard boat depending on the given day you take her out for an adventure on the water. Always powered by a big block Chevy engine, made for marine use by either Mercruiser or Volvo-Penta, she delivers 50 mph plus speeds for a comfortable ride in rough water. Maybe the best one can get for a bow rider in a 2012 model boat. This boat is about the ride. Do not forget that.

Cobalt gives a great profile and a unique convex, sculpted hull design with stainless steel accents in its A series boat selections. That catches your eye as you first see the boat. Then the sheer luxury and finish takes your attention as you inspect the upholstery, the helm, the gel coat. You take note that there are no decals on the outside of the boat. You feel the heft of the metal parts. You go from section to section of the boat in your review and are never disappointed in this 28’ A series boat model.

Horsepower goes from 380 to 430, but any of the three choices give similar performance. A mile or two more in top end speed, but with a barely noticeable softer hole shot 0-30 mph time comes with the highest power. The most out-of-the-hole grunt is the feature of the base engine. So, pick your choice, top speed or fast acceleration.

Now talk about warrantee coverage and find all those items that are covered by a Cobalt warrantee that are not even mentioned by other brands. What are “non-defect” engine failures? Do you want them covered by your warrantee?

Oh, did seabuddy mention the swim platform feature that takes the swim deck 11” UNDER the water rather the typical 12” above the water for boarding?

Cobalt A28 series bow rider fiberglass I/O boat photo image

28 Cobalt Mercruiser 2012 model year bow rider boat photo image

Cobalt bow rider A 28 series boat interior photo image

Cobalt 28 foot bow rider swim platform down position boat photo

Cobalt inboard outboard bow rider head boat photo image

Going to the Atlantic City Boat Show Wednesday or Thursday?

Monterey boat photo

The Atlantic City Boat Show hours then are 11 am to 8 pm. They are the best days to see all the boats and boating gear. Figure on all 14 parking lots around the Convention Center being ready to accept your car. Jay Mohr, Tony Bennett, and the Dorin Spivey / Victor Vasquez Super Brawl are on different days.

Back to the power boats and sail boats at the Atlantic City Convention Center, One Convention Center Drive, Atlantic City, NJ 08401. The Show opens Wednesday at 11 AM and goes thru Sunday until 5 PM. Kids 15 and under are free to get in with an accompanying (paying) Adult ticket.

See a big display of Monterey Boats in booth G45. They make bow riders, runabouts, water ski and wakeboard boats, express, and cabin cruisers and have a bow rider / sleeper cabin boat combo that is not to be missed. They are a leading boat brand in the new thinking on how one uses a boat for a weekend of on the water fun. Monterey Boats are on seabuddy’s list of boat builders to see at the show. I really liked the two Monterey Boats that I have had.

Formula boats in booth B23 are also premium boats. They also make a full line of boats to climb aboard, study about, and ask questions on how they fit into your lifestyle.

Grady White boats are award winning fish boats and family boats that go fishing well. They are in booth D30 at the Atlantic City boat Show, starting Wednesday and going on until Sunday, February 5th, 2012.

Going to the Baltimore Boat Show?

regal marine bow rider 24

SHOW DATES: January 19–22, 2012

Baltimore Convention Center
1 W Pratt Street (at Charles Street),One block away from the Inner Harbor
Baltimore, MD 21201

Show Hours

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Adult: $10.00 each
15 and younger: FREE with a paid adult admission

This is a great NMMA boat show that should have good weather this year. I always go and check out the free magazine subscription choice that comes with an admission ticket purchase. Often the magazine offer makes the Boat Show a free event. Look for the magazine booth near the entrance, and do not worry, I do not get bothered by sales pitches from the magazine, as I opt out of that box on the magazine form. If they are offering Yachting Magazine, get that one, it is the best way to enjoy boating right now, in my opinion.

Regal should have some fine bow riders and deck boats to look at from Jackson Marine Sales on display at the Baltimore Boat show for you and your family to inspect. Woody Jackson is a long time local boat dealer and continues to do an outstanding job in his sales, service, and marina businesses at the top of the Chesapeake Bay.

Also, take a look at the Chaparral boats and the power boats from Cobalt boats. Both have some “hot” deals that shook up the boaters at the New York Boat Show, earlier this month. The New York Boat Show charges more money to get in than the Baltimore Boat Show does.

Classic Bow Rider from Cobalt Boats at the boat show

fiberglass bow rider power boat by Cobalt boats

Cobalt Boats have put their 210 bow rider on sale at the boat show. This is an opportunity to put your family in a luxurious, top quality Cobalt Boat at a terrific value. Now you can have all that makes for a top shelf family bow rider power boat on your waterways.

But it is the ride and handling that a Cobalt boat is known for. Buy a boat for its performance on the water. Get to know that legendary bow rider experience for yourself. It starts with a chop splitting sharp vee at the bow and continues into a hull bottom shape that gives a soft ride in a quick to plane performance boat. Yes, she is a performance boat, just try her out and you will experience performance on the water in a top-of-the-pile family boat.

This Cobalt bow rider power boat is 22’ 5” in length with its swim platform and has a trailer able maximum 8’ 6” beam. The boat and engine weight in at about 3,850 lbs. before you fill its generous 40 gal fuel tank and cockpit with up to 1,650 lbs. of family, friends, and gear. The Coast Guard rates that as a 12 person boat.

After the ride a Cobalt boat is all about fit, finish, and a healthy dose of hand craftsmanship from a dedicated group of middle of America folks that make outstanding power boats. Tour this boat builder’s plant and see happy, energetic people, as Seabuddy has.

The Cobalt 210 fiberglass bow rider power boat is something for you to see at the boat show.

cockpit and helm photo of Cobalt bow rider fiberglass power boat

Pricing sign photo of model 210 Cobalt boat bow rider power boat

Best 2012 Bow Rider, H2O Sport by Chaparral Boats

Chaparral 2012 H2O Sport Bow Rider Runabout

Look for the newest thinking in bow rider boats at your local 2012 boat show. A $21,885 price for a boat, motor, and trailer is a “barn burner” price coming from the one boat builder that has won 40 plus awards for boat product excellence, customer service index (CSI) awards for excellence in customer satisfaction for the last four years, all topped with an amazing 12 awards as simply the Boat of the Year of all boats tested by the boating magazines over the years. That boating trade industry recognition gives confidence to a boat buyer both in the company that makes a full range of bow rider, cuddy, sport, express, and cabin cruiser boats and in each of their individual boat models.

Are you new to boating or a lifelong boater? Inspect for yourself this sport series bow rider stern drive boat aimed at families that want to get on the water. You want for yourself the quality family building lifestyle experience that a trailer boat becomes as a fully fun adventure together for Mom, Dad, and the Kids. This runabout is big enough for all of the family AND two or three extra friends as well (an invite at your kid’s school for a weekend boat ride is valued as a very special treat in any home or community).

This is a big 18 foot PLUS boat with a wide, spacious cockpit, lots of storage areas, padded bow seating seat bases and seat backs, full, wrap around windshield, well placed grab handles, a cushioned sunning pad, built in swim platform, driver and co-captain bucket seats, and a walk through easy opening passage way to the bow.

Remember, the kids rule the boat by sitting up in the bow so Mom can keep an eye on them without having to turn around while Dad is in command at the helm. Only a generously deep, high sided, top quality bow rider boat suits this style of a day full of fun on the water.

Simply put, Chaparral makes another top shelf water ski boat for 2012 in its H2O Sport. Take a look, please, and tell them when you do that you read about it at

Sea Ray 300 SLX bow rider at the NY Boat Show

2012 Sea Ray 300 SLX

Sea Ray makes a bow rider that is 32’ 2” in length with its extended swim platform or 29’ 6” with the standard swim step platform. It is a 9’ 8” beam boat that can still be trailered but only with a fairly simple to get permit. The single engine boat typically weighs in at 7,700 without trailer, or anything in the holding tank, water tank, or fuel tank or boat and crew supplies on board. Figure on a ready tow down to the highway weight of around 10,500 to more likely, 11,000 lbs. It takes a good size tow car or truck to tow it. But, what a beautiful runabout!

The single engine choice is a big block 380 Hp 8.2 Mag ECT gas engine with a standard grade Bravo III out drive. The 430 H. O. 8.2 engine or the 525 Hp engine version of the 8.2 is not offered and the 700 SCi (another version of the 8.2 block with a supercharger included as standard) may not fit. These higher Hp engine power choices would require an upgraded stern drive from Mercruiser. Only an inboard outboard drive system is available with the Sea Ray 300 SLX boat model.

The twin engine choices are several. They are small blocks from chevy marinised by Mercruiser in either a 5.0 block size or a 5.7 block. The 5.0 is rated at 260 Hp and the 5.7 makes 300 Hp. That is 300 Hp for each engine for a total of 600 Hp in an about a high mid-twenties length hull.

What further separates these twin engine choices is the separate option of Axius and Axius Premier joy stick control systems. With this, just a single finger joy stick controls the direction and speed of the Sea Ray 300 SLX at lower speeds.

See this Sea Ray boat at the New York Boat Show.

2012 Sea Ray Bow Rider

Sea Ray bow rider Helm Station

New York Boat Show for runabouts and cruisers

Cobalt Boats, a fiberglass power boat for 2012

The 105th edition of the granddaddy of all united states boat shows runs Jan. 4 – Jan 8 at the Jacobs Javits Convention Center with the main show entrance at 11th avenue and 34th street in NY City. The driving directions address would best be expressed as 655 W. 34th Street, NY, NY 10001. Parking is handy at down or around the block or take a taxi from the train station.

Cobalt boats, a favorite fiberglass power boat brand of mine, is offering one of their 2012 models at less than $40,000 as a show boat special. Another one of their boat show specials is a two foot larger model at a price that is way less than $50,000. Its closer to the mid-40s than a flat $50,000. Yes, the prices for their even larger power boat models go up even higher, but Boat Show Specials are displayed throughout their generously sized display booth. Look for the Cobalt Boats booth display over on the right side of the convention center and a little more than half way back from the front door.

Chaparral Boats is also featuring special boat show pricing on their bow riders, cuddies, and cabin cruisers.

Chris Craft, the famous boat builder that has a boat building history as old as pleasure boating is also at the show.

Grady White Boats has several new for 2012 model year center consoles, walk –  arounds, and fishing / family bow rider boats at the show.

Ski boat and wake boat noted boat builder, Correct Craft Boats, has a special price offering on two of their most popular models at the boat show, also.

Cobalt Boat 2012 fiberglass power boat

Chris Craft, “par excellence” boat builder and its newest Boat

Chris-Craft will introduce its newest member of its storied family of launch style power boats at the Miami International Boat Show, February 16-20, 2012.  The boat buying public will get its first detailed look at the boat show. Look for it, its a stunner!

The new power boat is 32 foot long and it is both a bow rider and a sleeper. The new boat is the largest boat model of its type in Chris Craft’s model line-up.

All the folks at Chris Craft including Chris Craft President, Steve Heese, welcome boat buyers to take a long look at their newest offering at their Miami Boat Show display along with their other show boats. Heese is quoted saying that “the Launch 32 is the logical next step for the active boater that still wants a bowrider but also wants the option to overnight at a moment’s notice.”

Sunning space, an open cockpit, a sleep-in cabin, and a on-board head  as well as all the creature comforts that a first class boating experience demands awaits your family and friends aboard the new 32’ Chris Craft Launch.

Chris Craft boats are driven by active boaters. These boaters value high style, sleek-like proportions and a very practical configuration for their boating adventures. Thinking of long excursions or champagne cruises? Take a long look at a Chris Craft made boat. They very well may have the right boat for you for 2012. I have been on their boats and studied their operations inside the Chris Craft boat building plant in Florida. The value of a Chris Craft is well deserved in this writer’s opinion. The story of Chris Craft may be the story of pleasure boating, and both are a glorious one.