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3 million square feet of Boat Show

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, lives up to its nickname as “Yachting Capital of the World”, hosting the 51st Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show on October 28-November 1, 2010. With more than 3 million square feet of space over five locations, the show’s transportation network of bus shuttles, water taxis, and riverboats ensures attendees can easily navigate the boat show and its expansive waterways system.

Show exhibits range from yacht builders and designers to exotic cars and brokerage yachts. A wide variety of boats and sea vessels will be on display including runabouts, sportfishers, high performance boats, center consoles, cabin cruisers, flats boats, skiffs, express cruisers, sailing yachts, motor yachts, bowriders, catamarans, ski boats, jet boats, trawlers, inflatables, canoes, and extraordinary superyachts. Added attractions include The Blue Wild Dive Show, IGFA’s School of Sportfishing and Hook the Future’s Kids Fishing Clinics.

Old Outboards and old Boats

note: these photos and words from AOMCI and some photos are from D. Durpresne, M. Squier, and R. Eichrodt

New Boat sales fall off the chart after about March 10,2010

New boat sales were strong from about Jaunuary 10 till March 10, then the new boats just stopped selling.

Tiara Yachts special deal

IPS Volvo Tiara 35

Dania Marine Flea Market Sets Record

…Record crowds and great weather combined to produce four days of brisk sales for more than 300 vendors at this year’s Dania Marine Flea Market. Each morning there were long lines of eager boating and fishing enthusiasts waiting for the gates to open so the search could begin for those once a year bargains. Jennifer Dudas, Marine Flea Market general manager and vice president of Al Behrendt Enterprises said, “Each day our numbers increased over last year and Saturday’s crowd was so large that two overflow parking lots were fully utilized.”
For past 32-years, marine manufacturers, distributors, dealers and marine related businesses have found the Dania Marine Flea Market to be ‘the place’ to sell all sorts of new and used marine equipment as well as ‘scratch and dent’ merchandise and products that are overstocked or obsolete.
Dudas said, “Vendors know that visitors to the Marine Flea Market are ‘buyers’ in the truest sense of the word and this year’s four-day event had a record 329 vendors. The number of Flea Market visitors swelled by 6% over 2009. While we have no way of tracking vendor sales, the overwhelming consensus of vendors with whom I spoke believe this was the best Dania Marine Flea Market ever.”…

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Bay Bridge Boat Show

Excitement is building for the Bay Bridge Boat Show, April 22-25, 2010 at the Bay Bridge Marina in Stevensville, Maryland.

hot, new Chris Craft boat delivers 65 mph plus

A Mercruiser 320 Hp V-8 inboard outboard gives between 65 to 68 mph at the top end in this hull. She is a hit with boat buyers. The first run is sold out and Chris Craft is cranking up their boat building to make more to meet the demand for late spring delivery. If you want a new bow rider boat for this year, seabuddy suggests that you take a look at what Chris Craft boats is offering. The local dealer is linked below (or they will find your local dealer for you, if they do not deliver boats to where you boat)…

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Your Choice, Volvo-Penta big block power

Let seabuddy shed some light on a confusing gas power for boats subject. Volvo offers both Catalytic Converter equipped marine 8.1 big block gas engines and non CAT equipped 496 (8.1) engines. The CAT equipped engines cost more…several thousands of dollars more.

Why? Certain states require CATS to be legal. Other states have waived off the CAT requirement for 496 (big block) engines. Your Volvo dealer knows which states are which. He will guide you on your boat needs on this for calendar 2010. Volvo intends to sell only legal engines and your Volvo-Penta dealer knows what is legal.

So, check with your Volvo dealer to see if you able to save many thousands of dollars or pay extra for a CAT equipped 496 Big Block engine Volvo engine. While each boat builder sets his own price for hisboats with big block power, I checked with one builder friend for this article, that one said it was about $6,300.

MerCruiser invents a new “non-racing” big block engine

Merc only offers a 502 big block engine in 2010 calendar year boats. All 502 (8.2) marine engines require Catalytic Converters, in all 50 states. Mercruiser only offers legal engines, so all of their big block engines are only sold with CATS. Cats require added hard parts, so a 502 engine sells for a premium price. There is no legal choice about CATS on this engine, after this past date of 1/1/2010. Merc, as a company, have now dropped all 496 engines and are going with this 502 in their place. Any 496 powered boats are just old inventory. They may be legal to still sell based on the date the engine/boat was actually made. Check with your dealer to confirm the date of manufacture for the boat/engine you are considering.

$24, 000 and a little more

One of the hot deals late this winter will be the Nautic Star Deck Boat at a special price. A 40 mph, 20 foot, warm weather, deck boat with a four Stoke Outboard is a nice rig at a great price for a fresh, new, 2010 boat.

Yes, add snap-in cockpit carpet, some electronics, and a trailer and the “out-the-door” price will be higher…but still a bargain.

Yes, one can upgrade to a 150 Hp if you plan on always carrying a full load and doing a lot of water sports. Yes, you can upgrade the steering system for a more secure feeling, but you can miss the point by adding to many options. Get into family boating without breaking the budget.

Why does seabuddy say “warm weather”? You will see for yourself once you and Mom take a sea-trial ride.

40 mph? Yup, with a light load. Less than that once the ice chest, boat gear, and towels come aboard.

The 20 feet LOA is needed for the room that a young family needs for a full morning on the water.

Nautic Star uses a 3 Star rated engine with this boat and motor rig. A three Star engine is far better than a 2 star rated engine in today’s world. Ask your dealer how this benefits you.

Take a look on their website hot link listed below…

seabuddy words with a seabuddy version of a boat builder photo