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Holiday Gift for Boaters under $100

Got a wooden boat owner in the family and stuck on finding a different but memorable Christmas gift?


Fine boat varnish work demands good brushes. And several of those brushes to work all corners and parts of a boat efficiently. Get your wooden boat lover a gift that lasts for a lifetime.


A six brush Epifanes Brush Keeper metal box is the correct way and professional way to store valuable varnish brushes. This box holds up to six assorted varnish brushes. I know several friends that would die to get this item as a gift.


A good brush lasts for years with proper care. How do you care for a good brush? Clean each brush with mineral spirits, clip their handles into the holding plate and lower the brushes into a bath of diesel or kerosene for long term storage.

varnish brush storage box

holds six brushes


Ready to varnish again? Slip the brushes out of the box and thoroughly rinse them with mineral spirits. The brushes are ready for superior varnish work again.

This Brushkeeper box is made from heavy rustproof enamel coated steel. It is welded together for strength. And it lasts. Looks serious and it is.

epifanes brush keeper holiday gift boat christmas

seabuddy photo varnish brush holder epifanes

No one who gets one of these Brush Boxes for their fine varnish work will ever forget this thoughtful gift. It is a special gift. And it is under $100.

epifanes brush keeper box photo

Another view of the Epifanes Brush Keeper Box for Wooden Boaters


Boater Christmas Gift. New to market – – – – no one has one yet.

Got a friend or family member that boat’s? Here is this year’s Christmas gift for the boater.

blige pump wood boat runabout cockpit boat photo image

Pump with my attached fire discharge hose running over the side


It is a bailer… the best one available. It is the Rule Evacuator 8000

high efficiency portable boat pump. This is a killer boater accessory Christmas gift.

Similar to the other Evacuator pumps, the EV8000 benefits from the same innovative power connection which allows for direct operation from your boat’s or car 12 volt battery, via two heavy duty battery clips.

dewatering pump in outboard motor well

New to Market dewatering pump in a wood outboard runabout boat

Talk about volume! This one is rated with a big 8000 gallons per hour flow rate. Why so powerful? Simple, the water is in the bilge, the bottom of the boat. It must climb up the cockpit and over the gunnel of the boat. Pumping water “uphill” eats how fast the pump will get the bilge dry. If you are leaking or if she has taken on water since your last visit, a boat person wants action, and fast!

This is the top name brand …Rule and their top of the line. Heck, one can even pump out a bilge while at the bottom of a lift cycle inside a tall lock. It makes water run uphill and in volume..

This is an electric, 12 volt marine or car battery operated pump. Connect it to your battery with the provided alligator clips. It is not a gas powered pump like the Coast Guard uses that did not start when my friend was was sinking. (Some say that a gas pump needs regular maintenance and that often these C. G. pumps just do not get that maintenance).

everything included in box

box contents as unpacked from the shipping box

Take a look at this pump. They have thought of everything and made all the parts, wires, and switches heavy duty for years of trouble-free usage. On-off switch, garbage guarded intake, long lead alligator clips, strong, very well-known motor, etc.

I hooked mine up to a discarded fire hose that my local fire department gave to me. Boaters should always make friends with their fire department. They have to discard any hose that is less than perfect for safety reasons. That hose makes for good fendering material pier side and here a great, long discharge hose.


Try, amazon…


or EBay…


or First Choice Marine…


a Useful Pump for Wooden Boat, Home, Race Boat. Xmas Gift idea.

rule pump evacuator 8000 dewatering pump boat home racer

one of the Top Xmas gift for boaters

Boy, is this on my holiday gift list!

Ideal for;

Perfect for an antique and classic boat during spring launch soak up.

Great to get water out of a race boat between heats.

It will cover my backside if I forget the trailer boat drain plug again.

Also gets heavy storm water out of your basement at home.

The Rule Evacuator 8000 is totally portable with a fast 12 volt hook-up in a high capacity, proven pump design with a convenient on/off switch and a filter designed to stop liter from blocking the pump’s action. It is perfect for marine and land emergency events and quick dewatering.

Here is what a boater needs to know; it flows 8,000 gallons per hour (GPH) on a level surface discharge, put its output up 9 feet and still flow 5,000 gallons, and it even dewaters if your discharge is up 24 feet! That is up and out over a one high seawall or Erie Canal Lock wall!

The EV8000 by Rule is actually two 4,000 GPH pumps in one unit. The proven DC motors have been used in over 15,000,000 applications.  It comes with a 25 foot cable and quick connect clips, and an easy on/off switch.

Set it down in the water to be removed, bring a marine or car battery nearby, clip the two together, and flip the switch.

Good for both fresh and salt water. Good for water with flotsam and jetsam in it. Easy to stow.

Nikon Waterproof Binoculars… Cheap

Marine Binoculars sale waterproof, fog free

Nikon Binoculars come with a shoulder bag and are in a box, full warranty, too

At Land booth C3, is something Boat Show goers need to check out. Seabuddy has been asked to not publish the barn burner price here. You must go to the booth, as it is too low to print. Forget about $299.95, think about less than a single hand full of twenties. 8 by 36 with a good field of view, waterproof, fog free, shoulder camera bag, Nikon warranty,  and it is a Nikon. It is a WOW price, believe me.

Send your wife to see some nice clothing and inspect something that is a real bargain for your boat or yacht. See Defender at the show.

Bow Thruster in a wood boat?

wood boat photo

The advantage of controlling the bow position and the location of the bow around the marina in a single engine, single propeller boat is an over-whelming experience the first couple of times you are at the helm of a classic wood boat equipped with a bow thruster. Suddenly, anyone can dock the boat. Even in a cross wind.

Most would think that such an option is disrespecting what was made back when the beauty of wood, leather, and chrome over brass fittings on the water was the only choice for boating. If your boat is to sit on a trailer, I agree. If you want to use your mahogany runabout, I disagree. It is like using a modern bilge pump, converting a 6 volt system to one that uses a 12 volt one, having new PFDs, or a safer, better carburetor in a classic that is used for grand touring around a lake or bay.

Hand built, mahogany wood runabouts or bow riders are now being built by master craftsmen and those boat builders often can be talked into including a bow thruster in a new boat for you. Just think, the ride, the feel, the performance of a bright finished, stained mahogany runabout that is easy to captain. All the style and quality of a good wooden boat with the performance ease, and use-ability of the latest functional boating accessories built in.

Here is a triple cockpit wood boat that also has a no-soak bottom. A reliable, modern engine and operating systems in a classic wood boat. One gets the stares and looks from other boaters and from folks just walking around the marina without the troubles of a 60 year old classic.

2012 wood boat photo

2012 wood boat photo triple cockpit

2012 inboard boat wood classic boat

new indoor showroom of wood boats at lake George

Special feature at the boat show; power boat docking challenge

Power Boat Docking Challenge in action photo

At the boat show, allow enough  time to try your skills at a free power boat marina docking game where you use a full scale boat helm to maneuver a model boat into a miniature marina slip in a model test tank. It’s a timed test, with offsets for bumping, that can be a challenge for both a beginner boater and “old salt” boater.

The top nine boat shows now own “the Power Boat Docking Challenge from Culp Concepts, bringing more of an interactive experience to show-goers and helping demonstrate how fun docking can be with practice and proper instruction.

“With the recent additions of new seminars and the Discover Boating Resource Center at NMMA shows, we’ve seen first-hand the value of offering more educational and hands-on learning opportunities for attendees,” noted Ben Wold, executive vice president, NMMA. “The Power Boat Docking Challenge is another great addition to the NMMA show educational portfolio, providing a fun way for boaters and would-be boaters to get more confident behind the helm and experience for themselves the satisfaction of learning how to dock with ease.”

The Power Boat Docking Challenge is an interactive experience that pits the boater against other show attendees, who compete against the clock, steering and docking a 4-ft, twin engine, remote-controlled power boat, using a life-size helm station found on a traditional boat, down a 20-ft.pool into a marina and ultimately a slip, for a chance to win a host of prizes.”

So allow plenty of time for your visit to the boat show for the entire family to take the free boat show challenge. It runs daily as well as on the weekends several times each day of the show. Expect a small wait, its popular.

8.2 engines from Mercruiser Mercury Marine at the New York Boat Show

Visit the Javits Convention Center on 11th avenue in New York City during the boat show to see Mercruiser’s 8.2 engines that come in 380 Hp, 430 Hp H O, 525 Hp EFI, and 700 Hp SCi variations, among the other engines on display, although not all engines are guaranteed to be at the boat show, in their booth (C-18) and installed in boats on the boat show N Y convention center exhibit floor.

These engines are based on at least two chevy engine blocks with various heads to develop their reliable marine horse power at these levels. The 380 Hp is the one that is popular in a cabin cruiser and bigger family bow riders. Its full throttle rpm range is 4,400 – 4,800 rpm and has a cam and valve train that works best for those kind of rpms. The peak power has been dyno’d at 4,200 rpm before it starts to fall off and the 430 Hp H O verison exchanges some low end power compared to the 380 Hp for more clearly power over 4,000 rpm that then peaks at 4,700 – 4,800 rpm. The full throttle rpm range for the 430 Hp H O is put at 4,600 – 5,200 rpm. A 380 Hp engine will best a 430 Hp power boat up to about 4,000 rpm, where the 430 Hp then really pulls ahead.

Seabuddy has done a sea trial with each of these engines, and in a 7,000 lb type boat it proved hard to tell the difference between them in a pleasure boat application.

2012 Mercruiser 380 Hp 8.2 powerboat engine

Mercury Marine uses its Merc Racing division to sell the 525 Hp EFI bumps up the power and the full throttle rpm to 4,800 – 5,200 rpm. They add even more changes to the engine parts like a different fuel injection system AND a 3.3 liter supercharger to get a rating of 700 Hp at the same full throttle rpm range of 4,800 – 5,200 rpms.

All of these 502 cu. in. (8.2 litre) engines have a bore of 4.47 inches with a 4 inch stroke.

2012 Mercruiser 430 HO 8.2 engine

2012 Mercury Racing 525 Hp EFI engine

2012 Mercury Racing SCi 700 Hp engine

Color photos of Streblow custom wood power boats

Want some outstanding color photographs of these storied boats? Get a collector grade copy of the vinyl covered hardback book titled Classic Powercraft volume I. The book is full of color pictures of antique and classic boats taken at the highest quality level for wooden boat photography. It is sold out of print, so a used book or a copy from a personal collection is the way to go for this great book.

Streblow Custom Boats are mahogany wooden runabouts built since the early nineteen fifties that set a standard of quality of design and workmanship for wood boats. These are wood runabouts that are doubled planked on their bottoms and batten seamed planked mahogany hull sides. A special finish technique and secret rot resistant construction techniques make these floating art works different from a regular wood boat.

The boat builder is located in Walworth, WI, (262-728-6898) near the shoreline of Geneva Lake where they are a boat builder, restoration shop, and a marine boat dealer.

While they do several millions of dollars of business each year, expect to wait up to three years in good times for a new boat. They only build up to two boats  in any given year to keep the quality up. Heck, it has been said that just selecting the wood for a boat takes weeks of combing through the choices of planking on hand.

Back to the book, get one for the photography. It is just the best there is out there on wood boats. The cover is even a full color photograph of a Streblow set into a lovely vinyl cover or binding.

The Legend of Chris-Craft by Jeffrey L. Rodengen

The Legend of Chris-Craft (3rd edition) authored by Jeffrey L. Rodengen is a great book. I had a first edition copy and am very happy that I bought this 3rd edition when it came out. It is now a rare book on the used book marketplace. One book that every boater needs to have in his collection about boats and boating.

It (the 1998 edition) sells for about ten times the price of the first edition. Get your thinking about the price to pay for an excellent copy to a dollar figure north of $100. It is that much in demand. That is for a used copy that is in better shape than what most book stores sell as a “new” book. What I am talking about is a book that looks as if it just came out of a shipping carton and has had no “floor time”.

What is the book about? Chris Craft power boats. From its origins, when Christopher Columbus Smith carved his first small rowboat out of a log in 1872 (as the story goes) to the first planked boat in 1874, to his first power boat in around 1894 and the story continues.

There were several companies and partners for Chris Smith in the early times and those details are fascinating to me. Gar Wood, Ryan, brothers, and sons all helped shape this success story. Race boats and runabout pleasure boats all were a part of the quality reputation that developed around Chris Craft power boats. Boat production went from 24 power boats in 1922 to 946 in 1929, for instance.

How the boat builder made their fine runabouts covers several sub issues, like owning their own rail road to how they dealt with the wood in early Chris Craft wood power boats. And then there were the engines and the World War II war effort. Plus the post war boating boom. Then the book covers the company and its products in the fifties to the nineties in detail. Overall a great read for all of us interested in boating.

Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show

on display at the show

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show opens on October 27 and runs through October 31, 2011.The Boat Show exhibits new boats from boat and yacht companies as well as yacht designers and used or brokered yachts.

A variety of boats and ocean vessels will be on display including runabouts, sport fishing boats, high performance racers, medium sized cabin cruisers, skiffs, express cruisers, motor yachts, bow riders, catamarans, trawlers, inflatables, and extraordinary super yachts.

Covering six locations and some 3 million square feet of space, the show has a transportation network of land bus, water craft, and river boats to get around the show.

A great venue for a boat show, Ft. Lauderdale, has the water and land items that make for a great boating experience.

The best day for most is the first day, although one can’t see all of the show in a day. Take even non boaters with you, it’s a terrific venue.