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Center Console, Ferrari, and North Carolina

Ferrari GTB Nart spider

the $25,000,000 Ferrari going across the auction block

The father of a top shelf 2014 model year Center Console boat builder had a Ferrari as his one luxury in life. Mr. Smith Sr.’s first Ferrari was a used 250 GT SWB California Spider, which he bought from Luigi Chinetti in Greenwich, CT. His first new Ferrari was a 275 GTB / 4 Berlinetta. He picked that Ferrari up at the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy, although he bought it in the U S. via Luigi Chinetti, the U S Ferrari Importer.

Soon after Mr. Smith Sr.’ s new car purchase, Chinetti then asked Enzo Ferrari to build him some Spiders (convertibles) closely based on that same model. Those Chinetti inspired and ordered Ferraris were named world-wide as the Ferrari 275 GTB/4NART Spider. The original order talked about was for 25 cars but only 10 were made in the initial (and as it turned out only) production run.

To promote his new Ferrari model, Chinetti had one of these NART (North American Racing Team) Spiders raced by the driver team of Denise McCluggage and Pinkie Rollo at Sebring. They drove the car to a 17th overall finish.  This all-female driving crew added to the notoriety of the NART Ferrari effort.

Their racer was then repainted and loaned to Steve McQueen for his movie, The Thomas Crown Affair. After the movie, McQueen bought one of these NART Ferraris for himself. Other car owners included Stroll, Beecham, and Moores, (who bought two). Even with this marketing effort, Luigi Chinetti had trouble selling his first 10 cars. Thus there was no re-order for more cars.


First, the Ferrari 275 GTB/4 NART Spider was priced by Chinetti at $14,400, while he sold the Berlinetta version of the same car for $8000. The Berlinetta was sold by Ferrari dealers world-wide and Ferrari factory set that price. Chinetti, however, set the price for the GTB/4 NART Spider. He had it exclusively; one could not buy it from any other dealer.

Second. While this car was more a street cruiser Ferrari and not a racer Ferrari, her engine was specially tuned for performance, even more so than the 275 GTB/4 Coupe (Berlinetta). For instance, the six carbs on the 12 cylinder car tended to load up at lower RPM. Owners/ drivers had to “regularly clear them out” via high rpm acceleration runs. Then, the profiles of the four cams delivered power best from 5,500 RPMs and on up to the red-line of 8,000 RPMS. This is not the best RPM range for a daily driver sports car.

The earlier model NART entry that Seabuddy saw Pedro Rodriguez win with at Bridgehampton in 1962 did about the same thing. About half way through that race his car lost its crisp level of tuning. First, it only showed up as he decelerated, and then, late in the race, it did it pretty much at all times. He did beat the fast Birdcage Maserati in that race, though.

Why am I writing about this car now? OK, here is the headline for why now. The $14,400 Ferrari was sold for $25,000,000 when Smith Senior died. All of that $25,000,000 was donated to charity by the heirs of Eddie Smith, Sr. It was sold for a total of $27,500,000 with the auction fees added to the hammer price.

Eddie Smith Jr. and all his brothers and sisters wanted the car to go a good home and the money from its sale to help charity.

So, how is this a boat story? Fair question to ask, folks. Eddie Smith, Jr., the son of the Ferrari owner is known in boating circles as the owner of Grady White boats in North Carolina. Grady is one of the storied center console boat brands in the world. Eddie made his company, himself, with his boat building team. Dad was not a boat builder, nor was Dad even in the same town. Eddie is a self-made man.

Grady White is an award-winning brand of fish boat. A successful fiberglass boat builder today; Smith started out making wooden boats, years ago. For a write-up on a wooden Grady White boat, see…


center console grady white fiberglass boat

Fish ready Grady White Center console fiberglass battle wagon


Two or Three Engines for you?

Caution, if you pick the three engines choice for your boat, watch your propeller selection, lower unit life, and fuel mileage. Both choices are good choices for a $350,000 new Center Console boat. Say, one in the mid-30s in length.

Prop selection. In a three engine power set-up, the center engine uses a different spec prop than the two outside ones to properly match the engines to the boat. With two engines, the two propellers are the same spec and mount on the transom at a uniform height. This mounting height may, or not, be true for a triple engine boat.

With the different prop spec and other correcting mounting adjustments necessary for a three engine boat, the life of trouble-free use of the center engine seems to be in question. Often, the lower unit below the cavitation plate has a shorter life within the center engine, compared to the two outside engines. Make sure that the warranty of all your engine parts are covered by a factory guarantee plan with your three engine boat and that it clearly states that all three engines on your one boat are equally covered and any warrantee plan extension is also available with the same equal engine coverage -FOR ALL THREE ENGINES.

Seabuddy took two center consoles listed below, one with two engines, one with three. In all of these sets of rounded numbers the three engine boat is listed first. Length 35’ 6”, 33’ 6”; Beam 10’ 10”, 11’ 7”; 90 GPH fuel burn at 54 MPH, 68 GPH at 51 MPH; 33 MPH with 33GPH fuel burn, 31 MPH with a 25 GPH fuel burn.


Center Console Leader

Here was the hot boat at my last boat show. I was on the other side of the floating dock with another boat, so it was easy to observe the action. This boat is hot with the folks that go to look for a fish boat today.

Some of them at the show liked the spaciousness inside the console, most liked the bow flair, but all loved the hatches and thoughtful storage all over the cockpit. Everyone was looking, opening, and commenting on this boat’s storage.

“Buddy Davis” and “Bow Flair” are ingrained in all of our minds. Buddy is now gone, but his boat and his legacy continues in his boat brand. It was in 1962 that Buddy began his professional fishing career as a mate. Buddy became 19-year-old Captain in 1968.  He became a boat builder in the “off-season” by 1970. Then, in 1980, Buddy Davis became a full-time boat builder.

She is a day boat, a watersports platform, an off-shore fishing machine or an all-purpose boat that does duty as an inshore fishing boat. The boat simply does very well at all the things that all center console boats should do. She is a good and dry boat in Barnegat, Oregon, Hatteras, and Ocracoke inlets.

This fish boat has a deep vee bottom shape aft at the transom and a high tech layup that is a joy to see being crafted. She is a top notch yachtsman’s powerboat. What is the future for this battle wagon?  Price increases. Engine prices are going up. You have three choices after you see this boat. Buy one now.  Buy one after November and decide on smaller engines or pay $10,000 more than today for one. It is your money, take your choice.

Here are factory photos of the 34’ by 10’6” Buddy Davis.

buddy davis center console boat photo image

A Center Console running free in the Ocean


bow flair buddy davis center console outboard boat

Look at that bow flair!


boat fiberglass construction vacum hi tech deck



hull and deck meeting buddy davis center console boat fiberglass outboard yamaha

the deck and inner liner fiberglass is being lowered onto the hull

Demo Yamaha outboard powered boats on the Chesapeake Bay at the Bay Bridge Boat Show

Go to the Bay Bridge Boat Show where Yamaha wants you to experience their outboard power on the Chesapeake Bay April 20 and 21. They have single and multiple engines on fishing boats, rigged, and docked pier side for no-obligation demonstrations for show goers. The experience is special to the Boat Show, and it is free. It is one of the best events of the spring boating experiences boaters can enjoy with their admission ticket.

Yamaha believes that its future customers will understand all the power and technology that they pack into their outboard motor product best on the water in a Yamaha powered boat. Get in line, this free event will be popular. Make your visit to this slip-side display your first stop at the show. See what is going on, it is a great opportunity.

To Yamaha, it is about what their product can do for you, not how much they can sell to you. If they demonstrate that they make a superior product that fills your needs, you will buy it when you are ready. It goes back to the days of show and tell…. Not monthly payments. Yes, everyone hopes that you will like what you feel and experience and that like (may I say… LOVE?) will translate into a sale, but here at the Boat show, the like comes before the sale.

yamaha outboard powered boat eight

Do you need this many Yamaha Outboards? Yup, it is eight outboards shown

Sunnyland Classic Boat Show, Mt. Dora, Tarveres, Lake Dora Boat Show Report

Here are a few seabuddy photos of an early Slickcraft outboard powered boat built by Leon Slikkers from the Sunnyland classic boat show. . He is the founding family member of Tiara Yachts and Pursuit fishing boats.

plywood slikcraft slickcraft

classic slick craft outboard wood boat

Mr. Slikkers made boats as early as 1946, when he worked for Chris Craft as a cabin cruiser top joiner. He stayed with Chris Craft until about 1955. Chris Craft boat production was often plagued by strikes at this time, so Leon built his own boats when C-C was having a work stoppage. He built 10 outboard powered boats as early as 1952.

classic wood boat dash slickcraft outboard boat image

stylin in the 1950s

His first factory was below his home in 1955. He was building classic molded plywood outboard powered runabouts at this time. He made about 35 fiberglass hulled boats as well as plywood boats starting in 1955. By 1960 Slickcraft only made fiberglass boats.

outboard motor on classic wood Slick Craft boat

Outboard powered Slickcraft

He moved his plant several times and stopped living above where the boats were being made now. His factory was 29,000 square feet in size in 1962, and went to 42,000 by 1965. Mr. Slikkers made his first inboard outboard boat in 1963. It was Mercury powered.

He sold out Slickcraft to AMF. He built sailboats to respect his non-compete.  Those sailboats were called S2 (S2 stands for Slickers second company). He started Tiara Yachts in 1976. He started Pursuit fish boats in 1977. Both brands are major players in the pleasure boat market today.

Boston Whaler is selling boats, center Consoles and Dual Consoles Boat Test Numbers

OK, they said that they had a good boat show when interviewed. It is easy to question such a statement (particularly from a boat dealer), except the head of the company is being quoted as saying it, not a salesman. That adds weight to the statement, in my book.

Second, Boston Whaler is having a very good sales rate month over month this year versus the prior year in another interview.

Now, here is the real conformation to seabuddy. They are hiring folks for some management slots and second shift production workers. They are running ads to hire workers!

What is selling?

boston whaler three outboard center console fish boat

Note the triple power in this outboard powered center console boat

The most frequent long lead time model (sometimes a up to three year wait) is the 370 Outrage. This is a 37’ 6” long center console with triples (as most outboard 37’ boats are) for 900 horsepower. The beam is 11’ 6”.

Cruising speed is best at 4,500 RPM for a fuel burn rate of 34-35 GPH. Speed is just somewhat slower at 31-33 MPH at that rpm. WOT delivers 50 MPH and the boat burns gas at the rate of 86-88 GPH at those speeds.

lounge seating in front of the center console

special seating at the front of the Center Console

The twin engine boat that is hard to get is the 26’10” by 9’ beam 270 Vantage. Here it is a 4,000 RPM cruise for 30 MPH and 16-17 GPH. 47 MPH is WOT while burning through your gas at 47 GPH.

two outboard powered dual console fishing boat

Note the blunt bow which makes for a roomy head to port

For a single outboard powered boat the hot Whaler is the 230 Vantage. This is a 23’ 2” with a legal with no permit trailering beam of 8’ 6”. Top speed here is 43-44 MPH at a 30 GPH. 4,000 RPM cuts fuel burn back to 10 GPH at a speed of 26 MPH.

seabuddy thanks Boston Whaler for these photos.

Boat Test Four (4) outboards Center Console

Hydra-Sports will offer their new 2013 Center Console Fishing Boat with 4 outboards, with a total horsepower of 1,400. Four 350 Yamaha V-8s. This boat can also come with four Mercury Verado engines and they have tested this model fighting fisherman with just three outboards.

4 engine fiberglass 2013 fishing boat photo

New Hydra-Sports 42 at speed

This four outboard engines on a 42 foot center console is not for top speed or cruising speed numbers, it is for 0-30 MPH acceleration, pep when fighting a fish, snappy acceleration, get up and go. Prop diameter limitations, reduction gear ratios, and less engine torque down lo low on the RPM scale cause quality boat builders to mount many outboards as boat weight adds up.

side located four engine center console fishing boat photo image

Tuna door on the Hydra-Sports 42 Center Console fish boat


This Hydra Sport should weigh in at 12 tons. That heft demands multiple outboards. Four Yamaha V-8 outboards offer 1,300 cubic inches of displacement which is about the best indication of low end, out-of-the-hole grunt as one can get without knowing the actual torque ratings of an engine. Four 300 Horsepower Mercury Verado engines only offer 632 cubic inches. Try a boat rigged with both power set-ups and feel for yourself the difference all those extra cubic inches of the V-8 outboards do to make a peppy boat.

three across wide helm seating in 42 foot center console four outboard boat photo image

The seating is for three wide straight across behind the center console

This center console has a beam of 12 foot 2 inches and a 23 degree deep vee bottom. Fuel capacity is 630 gallons. Tops speed is 59-61 mph. Seating is comfortable and generous. This is a true center console with a wider than legal trailer width without a special permit.

center console fishing boat four outboard motors photo image

fighting fish in the 2013 Hydra Sports 42 Center Console

Photos by Hydra-Sports.

Rybovich boats Miss Chevy II and Miss Chevy IV, sport fishing boats

These are the boats that set the path for all sport fishing boats. They and others are the subject of Pat Rybovich’s new book.

Miss Chevy II was custom built to order without an owner’s specific directive as to length, beam, accommodations, or speed requirements. He just wanted a bill fishing boat, One for tournament fishing for white marlin, blue marlin, tuna, and sailfish  Miss Chevy II was built for Charlie Johnson who ran the chevorlet auto dealership in Palm Beach, FL She was hull #1. Put in the water (launched) in 1947.What made her different? 1) She was designed from the cockpit forward, not from the desired cabin amenities out. That cockpit had: 2) a much better designed and hard  installed cockpit fighting chair from her boat builder; 3) a good gin pole.. and beauty with speed. Her hull was white painted cedar carvel planked and her deckhouse was bright-finished with mahogany. Twin big block Chrysler V-8 engines pushed up the speed. She was 34’ long and was said to cost $35,000.

carvel planked wood boat fishing boat

Miss Chevy II

Miss Chevy IV built in 1952, for the same owner. She was hull number 8 built at the Rybovich boat yard since 1947. This is the boat that established the Rybovich broken sheer. A transom under coming tuna door large enoughfor a 1,00 lb fish replaced the gin pole. Also, aluminum replaced bamboo for the outriggers and an aluminum tuna tower came with the boat. She was also 34’ LOA.

rbovich boat yard Miss Chevy IV wood boat photo image

Miss Chevy IV

This is just one facet of the Rybovich yard legendary history covered in the Pat Rybovich new book on boats. Seabuddy thanks her for these photos.

Miss Chevy II plus Miss Chevy IV in one photo

The two Rybovich sport fish boats together

The book is expensive and it either comes with free shipping or quick shipping for $65 (it is a big, heavy book). More about the book here…

tuna fish door in transom Miss Chevy IV rubovich wood boat yard

under coming transom tuna door on Miss Chevy IV

Joy Stick Piloting for 2,3,4 outboards

New product for 2013. It allows for the boater to control or move any tow, three, or four big engine outboard powered boat in any direction via the joystick. It allows for no stress in docking and maneuvering around the marina and in other tight areas, all when it is less than ideal for wind, current, or traffic conditions.

Think easy boat handling while being more quiet within the cockpit. It offers better control than bow or stern thrusters. This is proportional steering and throttle control in one fingertip. It includes Smart Craft digital throttle and shift (DTS) with electra – hydraulic steering. This is an all Mercury made system. And it is baked by the full single source Mercury warranty.

With a joy stick equipped boat, a boat owner can move his craft sideways or at any angle. Make the boat rotate on its own axis with a twist of the joy stick.

Speed up the power to fight for perfect control in special conditions, like a windy day. It is proportional control of thrust and speed. It includes an enhanced docking mode. It allows for long low speeds within no-wake harbors. It is packaged with Smart Craft and DTS (digital throttle and shift).

Joystick Piloting for outboards mates to either 250 HP or 300 HP Verado engines by Mercury Marine.

Expect to see boats in the water and ready for a sea trial test ride at the 2013 Miami Boat Show. More info here…

How many outboards does your Center Console need?

Pursuit fishing boats 385 boat photo image

She sleeps four inside and is a good fish boat, too.

Or a good size cabin cruiser? Or a Sundancer Sea Ray type cabin cruiser?

1)    If it is a 18,985 lbs. boat like the OS 385 Pursuit. 1,050 Hp or 3 x 350 Hp

2)    If it is a 15,500 lbs. boat like a 370 Outrage Boston Whaler. 900 Hp or 3 x 300 Hp

3)    If it is a 15,500 lbs. boat like a Sea Ray 370 Venture. 600 Hp or 2 x 300 Hp

4)    If it is a 11,015 lbs. boat like a OS 315 Pursuit. 600 Hp or 2 x 300 Hp.

If one of these seems like it has far less power for its boat weight, take a ride on a fully weighted down boat before you put down a deposit. Satisfy yourself that you like the power and that the boat will get on plane with a dirty boat bottom. It is to be your boat, get the performance that you want. It is your money.

370 Venture Sea Ray Sundancer outboard power boat image

prototype photo Sae Ray 370 Venture w/ Brunswick Corp President

By the way, some dealers can get you at or less than a 4.99% interest rate for a $100,000 loan for 20 years, if you want. That is a good rate as of yesterday, 9/13/2012. I just checked. Stated Income (no tax returns) loans are out there for an up to a $75,000 loan if your boat dealer is good.

center console boston whaler 370 Outrage boat photo image

triple outboard engined Boston Whaler 370 Outrage